digital momentum

Help us shape lending's digital future at our
summit from May 18-20.

Why attend?

Taking hold of the digital momentum of 2020 is critical. Find out how your organization can maximize the movement at Forward.

We are facing a pressing need to accelerate digitization strategies. In the virtual space of Forward, industry leaders and champions of progress will gather to hear from expert keynote speakers, discover Blend success stories, and participate in thought-provoking discussions about the continued digital transformation of lending. Together, we can chart a path forward.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a Digital Lending Platform expert.

As part of Forward 2021, Blend product experts will lead valuable post-conference training and certification for administrators, trainers, and project managers.

Day 1: Mortgage
Day 1: Mortgage Day 2: Consumer Banking Day 3: Training
Opening Remarks
Welcome to Blend Forward Day 1 Mortgage: Momentum

Let’s reflect on the resilience and accomplishments of the Blend community over the past year.

Industry Landscape
Beyond the refi boom and preparing for what's next

Explore how the pandemic has changed the face of mortgage — in many cases for the better.

The end-to-end digital mortgage transformation imperative

Experience Blend's vision for addressing rising expectations and rapid industry evolution.

Market Insights
Powering a new standard for home buying

Take a deep dive on Aite's consumer and lender survey findings and their bearing on the evolving digital homebuying landscape.

Lending Executive Panel
Insights from pioneers of the end-to-end mortgage

Hear from lending leaders who are transforming the mortgage process for their customers.

Mortgage Roadmap
Showcase of mortgage product innovations

Get an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming product innovations from the builders behind the solutions.

Breakout Session 1, Group 1
Expanding access to homeownership

Join a forum for dialogue around how to prioritize underserved communities and create better lending for all.

Breakout Session 1, Group 2
The ROI results are in: understanding cost savings across Blend's customer base

Unpacking high-impact ROI factors that add value to your business.

Breakout Session 1, Group 3
Differentiating on experience with high-tech and high-touch in the retail model

Find the key to unlocking digital excellence to drive top line revenue.

Breakout Session 2, Group 1
Scaling Blend across your organization

Plan your complete rollout with success-based plans that deliver maximum business benefits.

Breakout Session 2, Group 2
Surviving the squeeze of margin compression

Learn how to combat processing challenges and bolster your bottom line with built-in product efficiencies.

Opening Remarks
Welcome to Blend Forward Day 2 Consumer Banking: Momentum

Let’s look back on a pivotal year for Blend, our customers, and the industry.

Building towards the personalization north star

Discover the vision for unified platforms and personalized banking experiences.

Banking Executive Panel
Catalyzing progress

Panelists explore the enduring effects of the pandemic and how to leverage digital momentum.

Consumer Banking Roadmap
Consumer banking product innovations

Get an exclusive look at our recent and upcoming product solutions.

Fireside Chat
Moving from point solutions to unified experiences

Hear about milestones on the path to customer-experience nirvana.

Breakout Session 1, Group 1
Laying the foundation for personalization with deposit accounts

Start customer relationships off right with a digital onboarding experience across any deposit account product.

Breakout Session 1, Group 2
Architecting the ideal technology ecosystem through integrations

Learn how to maximize internal and external value through the flexibility of the Blend platform.

Breakout Session 2, Group 1
Succeeding in the modern vehicle buying market

Discover how to deliver a unified, intuitive buying experience from beginning to end.

Training Session 1
Support the LO to serve the customer

Enable loan officers to be trusted advisors across the homebuying journey. Increase your team's Blend fluency in lead and pipeline management, loan structuring, workflow intelligence, and streamlined closings.

Training Session 2
Drive maximum value and change

Increase operational efficiencies through change management strategies that drive adoption and realize ROI.

Jon Paukovich

Chief Lending Officer, Ent Credit Union

Tiffani Montez

Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Leslie Parrish

Senior Analyst, Aite Group

Craig Focardi

Senior Analyst, Banking, Celent

Nima Ghamsari

CEO, Blend

Tim Mayopoulos

President, Blend

Ulysses Smith

Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Blend

Natalie McDonald

Solutions Engineer, Blend

Sandy Chansamone

Solutions Engineer, Blend

Alyson Clarke

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Austin Kilgore

Director, Digital Lending, Javelin Strategy & Research

Britt Stenstrom

Digital Lending Manager, PRMG

Bryan Amick

Senior Vice President - Mortgage Client Journey, Truist

Patty Arvielo

President, New American Funding

Evan Akbari

Product Manager, Blend

Jeremy Jacob

Product Manager, Blend

Alyssa Mike

Product Manager, Blend

John Whipple

Product Manager, Blend

Ashkon Farhangi

Product Manager, Blend

Haris Ikram

Mortgage Product Lead, Blend